LA Digital Entertainment, LLC. is a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles,CA. Providing unique experiences and creative solutions to clients around the globe. Specializing in custom web solutions via website design and implementation, SEO, SEM, advanced analytics, social strategies and conversion optimization, Designed to better promote DJ’s, artists, musicians, record labels, bands and the whole music industry.

Each initiative, each project, receives the full weight of both sides of the brain, rendering beautiful imagery that engages the eye, and functional control that gives real purpose. With decades of experience, we are supporting artists and creative individuals to develop their talent is vital to the future success of arts and culture.

The opportunity to market an Artist is limitless and with all the technologies in social media you no longer have to wait for someone to decide if your talent is worth sharing.

Launch works with clients in many verticals including actors, artists, musicians, models, film producers and filming professionals. We excel in creating marketing plans from the ground up and helping consult businesses in achieving results.

  • We are focusing our energies and resources on emerging talents worldwide, since we know through our public consultation that this stage is where more support is needed.
  • We are managing & developing fine international artists who have distinguished themselves in the world of music performing world-wide, also young rising stars who have won top prizes at major international music competitions.
  • We have the knowledge, expertise, resources and commitment to provide the best service for artists and musicians who are struggling to be heard in this competitive industry.
  • We will give you a chance to take advantage of new online tools, which may actually enhance their current projects. Singles, videos and tour dates can be released via new outlets, artist will have a new set of tools by which to market their craft by building up his community on third party sites, we'll consider effective pricing and product techniques designed to reward your most enthusiastic fans, while helping to generate a higher net margin for you as an artist.
  • We will help you to expand your marketing and sales outreach, we'll discuss pricing details and options for third-party distribution and sales partners (such as iTunes, Amazon, Tunecore, CD Baby, and others).
  • We will build up your community on third party sites, we'll consider effective pricing and product techniques designed to reward your most enthusiastic fans, while helping to generate a higher net margin for you as an artist.
  • We do this because we love it; waking up every day to try new things and test new opportunities.


Advertising / Analytics

Companies waste millions of dollars each day with poorly configured digital marketing programs. Our marketing team solves that by creating real value for each budget and directing traffic to the right properties, generating visibility and sales.

Content Development

Content development is an effective way to put your brand in front of key audiences, particularly through digital channels. Our team understands what it means to cut through the noise and knows what it takes to create engaging content strategies and opportunities like blog posts, articles, videos and graphics.

Digital Music Marketing

From YouTube to Google + Hangouts to Vine and Instagram, video is fast becoming an essential part of any artist and record labels’ online marketing strategy.

Graphic Design

We offer design packages for your next single/album, allowing you to look as good as you sound! Get cohesive social media assets, Instagram videos, professional bio’s for release and more.


Every single day companies are expanding in the mobile space, creating new opportunities, and new challenges. From amazing UIX and creative to engineering apps for devices of all types as well as standards and code management, policies and procedures, we offer comprehensive app development for our customers.

Personal Branding

We believe that by making the effort to uncover and foster an authentic personal brand, you can make your wisdom and experience more discoverable, sharable and memorable both online, through social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and also in-person at meetings, conferences, networking events and more.

Social Media Management

We help guide businesses of all sizes and types through the complicated process of developing, maintaining and measuring their social media channels.From strategy and policy development, to daily activation and analytics, we handle the entire spectrum.

Social Media Profile Designs

Social Profile Design means customizing and designing your online presence across many social networks in a professional way to maximize your customer engagement. A customized design on a social site like Facebook or Twitter will add more value to your profile and increase your credibility. Matching your profile design to your website design keeps your brand image strong and helps people to remember you.


We offers the best affordable SEO services in the industry. Want to know why? It’s in our best interest to produce real, sustainable results for our customers because we only get paid when you rank. We are partners in your success. If you don’t rank, you don’t pay.

Website Design / Development

We create multidimensional user experiences. We’ve created responsive designs, enterprise, custom content management and so much more. Our creative team takes a brand’s vision into the digital space and our engineers bring it to life.

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